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Wrestle with containers until they are free of chocolate. We found it easiest to get the chocolate out by cutting round the edges with a knife and then whacking it on the bottom until it came out. Verbal abuse was also used, but the Yorkie bar didn't take much notice. TIP: If a fellow pimper is hitting the container with the blade of a knife DO NOT place fingers onto chocolate during this process. (Note have plasters at the ready because we have accomplished an extraordinary amount of injuries during this pimp!)


Inscribe the top of the bars with the word YORKIE and you're good to go. (If doing this pimp with some gals, be careful. This is because they started trying to eat their blocks and got angry when I said no.)

The end result didn't look much like a Yorkie, but it sure was tasty! We also forgot to buy a Yorkie for comparison, so we used one of the gal's phones.

We even did a cross-section, but it wasn't much use. There's just more chocolate on the inside!

At this point, the ringleader thought it was necessary to preserve the Yorkie in order for more generations to look upon its majesty!

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