In response to many, many demands to know how all this came about, a brief history of Pimp That Snack is as follows:

Early April, 2006, I bought a couple of new KitKat Chunky with Peanut Butter bars that are widely available in the UK.

Out of a combination boredom and curiosity, I took it upon myself to replace the Peanut Butter inside the bar with some of the store-bought conventional variety. The peanut butter was replaced, the bar reassembled, and taste-tested with favourable results.

Having documented these shenanigans in pictures I then posted it up on a website forum which received a lot of interest. At the suggestion of someone else I turned the concept into a website and Pimp That Snack was born. Since then the site has had a wealth of attention – in the early days crashing under the sheer load of visitors – and has since been posted on message boards all around the globe.

We have a Wikipedia page which contains a little more information about the site and its publicity history.

This site would not be possible if not for the hundreds of people who have submitted their excellent pimps. If not for them it wouldn’t be worth coming here.