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Triple Crème Moreo

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Triple Crème Moreo

Every year me and my brothers find that after about two weeks of summer holiday time we have nothing left to do, and so to solve this boredom problem we do the obvious thing, make a giant snack, while ‘destroying’ the kitchen. Now, it wouldn’t be a true Lefley pimp without a theme or modern twist, so after racking our brains, and trawling the isles of the local supermarket for ideas, we decided on an Oreo, but in pimp terms it would be a More-o! And none of this new double crème filling – we would go for the Triple! To tell our story, who better than the close rhyming cousins of those famous plumbers Mario and Luigi: bakers Moreo and Lorigi. Welcome to the “Super Oreo Moreo Bros.” game…

*File 1*
*New Game*
*File name: Nick, Tom and Lucas Bros.*
• 625g hard margarine
• 312.5g caster sugar
• 500g self-raising flour
• 125g plain flour
• 150g cocoa powder
• 500g butter
• 1kg icing sugar
• Splash of vanilla essence*
*cost: £7.94 coins*

*Game start- level 1.0*
“here we go!!”
*In order to complete the game we used a basic chocolate biscuit recipe which had an uncanny resemblance to a chocolate Oreo. That was lucky! To make the bottom of the Oreo we made one batch of the recipe by creaming together 125g of hard margarine and 62g of caster sugar in a bowl. We then sieved in 125g of self-raising flour and 25g of cocoa. To get the round shape we put the mixture into a pizza dish which had some grease proof paper in it to help get the Moreo out again afterwards, and then pressed down to make it flat, perfect…*
“Oops, I meant to do that.”

*4 lives remaining*
“We can fix anything if there’s spaghetti involved!”
*Okay so it didn’t quite go to plan, the mixture we made only covered half of the pizza dish, so using the “Starman” power up to speed up we quickly made another batch and covered the whole of the pizza dish, problem solved. To cook it we were going to use the “fire flower” power up along with cheat code “ABXYYXBBYAX” but instead we cooked it for twenty-five minutes in a conventional oven, Gas Mark 5. Once it was cooked we lifted it out and left to cool, letting nature do this rather than wasting our “ice flower” power up*
*Level complete*
“You will grow up to be sneaky, two-faced, cheating illiterates, just like your dad!”

*Level 2.0*
*In order for in to be an Oreo we can all agree, it has to have a top as well as a bottom. Using the dame recipe again, and learning from our mistakes last time by making two batches instead of one, we filled the pizza dish again and pressed down to make it flat. But before we could cook it, we had to make the pattern to go on top…*
“Wake up, Lorigi! The only time bakers sleep on the job is when we’re working by the hour.”
*Level 2.1*
*We made one more batch of the chocolate biscuit mixture, however this time using plain flour rather than self-raising, in order to make it not rise. Deciding that the pattern could be made from triangle bits and sausages (technical terms for the shapes required) we cut out eleven squares with a side length of 4cm, and then cut them again, diagonally, into four triangles. This made a majority of the pattern, and then to make the lines, dot and the word “OREO” with added “M” for a Moreo we used the remaining mixture and rolled it into sausage shapes, making it easy to turn, twist, and shape how we wanted. Once this was completed we shoved it in the oven and hoped for the best.*
*Level complete*
“I’m-a making history!”

*Level 3.0*
*So now we had the two sides of a giant Oreo, now we needed the filling for a giant Oreo. Unfortunately, being an Italian plumber, the only filling Mario knew was bathtub sealant, it was clear we needed something else, something edible, and seeing as we had got this far making everything supersize, we decided one layer of crème wasn’t enough. And so, we set out to make three layers of butter cream icing: 2 vanilla layers and one chocolate. To make each layer we used 165g of butter, 330g of icing sugar, and a splash of water, and of course the vanilla layers had a splash of vanilla essence, and the chocolate layer had a spoon full of cocoa powder.*
*Level complete*
“C’mon, I’ll help you sink your teeth into some delicious Koopameat.”

*Level 4.0*
*Now came the tricky part, putting it all together. We had two massive chocolate biscuits and three bowls of icing, does Moreo have a “combining biscuit and icing” power up? No? Spatulas and spoons it is then! First we spread out the first layer of vanilla icing on top of the bottom biscuit, then the chocolate icing, then the other layer of vanilla icing, making sure they were oozing at the sides- someone hold back Yoshi, and tell Lorigi to stop dribbling all over it. Afterwards, all that was left to do was to lower the top layer on top- easier said than done…, phew, all done!*
*Level Complete*
“That’s-a one spicy meatball!”

*Bonus level: eat as much as you can*
*Level complete (no problem)*
“Thank you so much for to playing my game!”

*High scores:
#1- diameter: 35cm, weight: 2675g
#2- diameter: 4cm, weight: 11g*
(8.75X bigger and 243X heavier)
*Our work here is done*


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