World Cup Salad
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Professional athletes may be able to snack with impunity, but here at pinkbunny towers, we can't get away with such behaviour. so what better tribute to the mighty england footballing squad, then, than a delicious healthful salad? mm, mm.

The shopping! lots of stuff for a tasty salad that will stand astride the food groups like a proud footballing lion. After all that shopping on a hot day, I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening preparing...

I forgot walnuts! those pesky youthful footballers!

Run to the co-op for emergency walnuts.

Return home but stop to phone relatives to wish happy birthdays and check on MOT successes.

The salad footballers will need lots of eyes. two varieties here: olive and cream cheese and rice paper with edible ink pupils.

St George's cherry tomatoes! the obvious salad garnish.

1. make a sellotape cross on each tomato
2. smear cream cheese over the top
3. lift the edges of the tape up to the centre
4. lift tape upwards
5. better than car flags

The finished product. This is not the greatest world cup salad in the world, this is just a tribute.

(The football is made from a white malteser with coloured rice paper, because I couldn't find any of those mini-mozzarella balls anywhere... it's pudding!)

I've had some marshmallows for dinner instead, as I can't bear to eat their little creamy olive eyes.

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