Wembley Arena
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We decided that there were not enough snacks to replicate without copying other peoples and running the risk of being sued. There was only one thing to do... make a football pitch.

Galaxy chocolate, 950g
Dairy Milk chocolate, 550g
Icing sugar, 150g
Jelly Babies, 2 bags
Apple flavoured bubble gum, 2 pieces
Writing Icing, 4 tubes
Candy sticks, 2 boxes
Green food colouring, half bottle ( 7 years out of date )
Marshmallows, 1
Cadbury Fingers, 1 box ( unused but eaten )
Strawberry lace, 1 pack ( unused but eaten )
Milky Bar, 1 slab ( not bothered with )

Estimated Cost: £13

As usual it all starts with melting a load of chocolate.

Pour into a big tray and freeze (in fridge) for about an hour.

Next we had to create the "grass" for our pitch. However, we had far too much water and some food dye that was good to consume in around 1997. This gave us some watery, mint-green excuse for icing.

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