Wembley Arena
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After buying some reinforcements in the form of more icing sugar, we finally had enough icing, and it didn't have the consistency of water.

We froze it all (again) and then took it out when we realised we needed to put the players on. However, even though the icing wasn't a thin liquid, it was still runny. Having leaked out in great supply, it refused to hold up the jelly baby players, who consequentially all looked like they'd been at the bottle a bit too much. We opted for reinforcing the edge of the pitch with the dairy milk. We added a nice advertising board as well, just to finish it off.

And here we are, our great modelling and pimping skills not necessarily on show.

The cross-sectional view shows that the pitch really is solid chocolate.

Finally, we had to try it. It wasn't all that bad; depending on how strong your stomach is.

From this "little" experiment, we can deduce that it is much better to pimp something that you can copy. Prior planning, a stage we skipped entirely, is also highly recommended.

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