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We decided to do our first pimp before the idea became widespread and famous on The F Word. After a suggestion on the forums, we thought Becky’s favourite Dolly Mixtures would be an inspired choice. It was quickly noted that the composition of Dolly Mixtures varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the four common elements were the ‘roll-up’ type, the ‘sandwich’ type, the ‘jelly tot’ and the ‘jelly bear’. Becky had a good recipe for paste, I thought I could make jelly (oh, misplaced confidence), and we quickly went shopping.

Some extra ingredients were necessary after a failed attempt at recreating the ‘hard’ jelly, including lots more jelly packets and some gelatine (it’s made out of cow’s hooves, you know). Total estimated cost: about £10.

Initial measurements showed that dolly mixtures were between 11 and 25mm in size. We decided to scale them up by ten, which meant our final products would be between 11 and 25cm. The paste products were easy to manipulate to the right size, but of course jelly needs a mould. A baking tin and our ice-cream maker were quickly pressed into service as receptacles of the right type.

Initial experiments showed the double-strength jelly did not take kindly to attempts to make into a teddy bear, so we drastically upped the recipe and made octuple-strength jelly, with a couple of sachets of gelatine for good measure. A generous dash of black food colouring simultaneously added authenticity and made a right mess of much of our kitchen.

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