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Pimpcount of Doom

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250g flour
250g butter
100g semolina
50g sugar
Cream filling:
480g icing sugar
2 ¼ tea spoons peppermint extract
Splash milk
drop oil
1 egg white
Chocolate topping:
200g Bournville – 1 chunk to chop on

Bored one rainy afternoon and can’t figure out what to do?
Why not try a making your very own pimpcount, inspired by the classic viscount.

1) Set of to your nearest supermarket and make sure your not 3p short and have to go back in the rain.

2) Bung all the biscuit ingredients in a Kenwood chef and mix for a while until well combined, then spread into a foiled pan, make sure there are no cracks and shove it in the oven at about 220° c for 30-35minuets, try not to bake the cheese grater at the same time like we did!!

3) While the biscuits cooking take the egg white and whisk if the whisk is a little too short prop up one end of the mixer with a tea towel and leave it to go frothy. Gradually add the icing sugar and all other ingredients until well mixed.

4) Whip it out the oven before it gets too burnt and flip onto a wire rack for it to cool, being careful not to crack it.

5) Don’t try rolling the filling as it turns into a sticky mess, simply flip it pizza base style instead.

6) Plonk it on top of the now cool biscuit.

7) Melt down chocolate and give it a good spreading over your pimpcount.

8) We made the foil to cover the pimpcount and also covered the plate as we were worried the pimpcount to split.

9) After only 1½ hours of cooking 1hour of cleaning up and a further ½ hour to make the wrapper your pimpcount is ready to eat, with a mire 4660 calories and a recommended serving of 9 . Mmmmmmm biscuitlishus!


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