Triumphant Tracker
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To create this we used the following; porridge oats, rice pops, peanuts, brown sugar, butter and chocolate chips

The almighty tracker - keep on tracking people.

A lot and we mean a lot of sugar needed to bind it together, if your lazy buy some golden syrup, we just made it more difficult for ourselves but fun all the same! :

Melting down the syrup will look like this, something that you may recall after a curry!

These are actually our nuts in a bowl, with oats and pops

Pour in the syrup and get mixing like Ainsley Harriott, to properly bind it go nuts.

There's always the need to lubricate people, just so you can get it out after!

Pour your mixed ingredients into a shape like we have, these were pretty good although some thought otherwise (me)! spread and pat down

Put these in the fridge for about an hour to harden up, take them out of the fridge and then take them out of the case and lay them on top of each other, press down and bind!

There we have it, our pimped out tracker!

It Massive - It is seriously big measuring Width 10", depth 6 1/2", height 3 1/2.

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