The Mint Sl(ab)ice
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but look, hey!! My mother always used to say (amongst other gems...) 'children and fools should never see anything till it's finished..' Wise words perhaps...??

(Mind you, when given the bowl to lick, even The Cat turned up her nose... (look, ignore the piles of washing and yellow bucket in the b/g, OK?? Hell... even in paradise we STILL have to do the necessities... even the queen s***s, yeah???))

SOOOO..... the choccy s'bread is in the oven, BOTH my sinks are full of washing-up (that I have no intention of doing just yet...) so its time to remove myself for a while.... and just sit on the balcony soaking up the sun with one of the deliciously cold bottles of the amber nectar recently removed from the fridge to make space......mmmmm.....blisss :-) (sorry... had to rub that in..)


Look this is getting a tad boring in my opinion. Lets get brief.

The stuff got cooked, it was left to cool. Didn't wait QUITE long enough and it broke up a bit when I got it out of the tins but WTH, glue it back together with mix of CDM and CE... OK. Strictly speaking, it SHOULD have been coated entirely in Cadbury's Energy (do you have that there too?? ) I .e. plain/dark choc... but hey, I am NOT a DC fan so (as per ING'RED. section) I bought milk & plain, melted, mixed... tested...

Should insert a quick health warning here.... MELTED CHOC CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR FINGER

Chocced the bottoms (hmmm...), into fridge to set and onto the fondant. Icing sugar, condensed milk and peppermint essence. Rolled out with trusty (ozzie) wine bottle (sorry forgot piccy of that).

Mint fondanted the top...

And finally (here's one I prepared earlier!!) Errrr.... not, couldnt resist it tho. (Dont tell me Blue Peter is STILL going - now if that wasnt a good enough reason to leave the country I dont know what was...)

and WOW!!! how good is THIS???? (there's another 1.5 where that came from..)


OK... Its not as smooth... its not as dark.... and I have 2 of the damn things to get shot of because one small slice is more than enough for me (why oh WHY did I make 2...???) BUT scientists are a humble lot (and poor, and grateful for any morsel regardless of its potential atherogenic properties - we dont always practice what we preach) so I 'll take one into work and they will devour it, NO worries. The other? Where else, of course!!

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