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Mega Tots

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Hello, I’m Oliver I’m 9 and I thought I would have a go at pimping jelly tots as they are my favourite jelly based treat. After much research, me and my brother (Adam) discovered that the average pack of jelly tots contains 38 sugar encrusted delights in 5 flavours. As a professional chimney sweep, I could only afford to make 30 tots, as I spend most of my hard earned cash on soap.


10 packs of jelly,

(2 packs per flavour, each pack making 3 tots)
1 bag of sugar, granulated.

What a simple pimp!

This is me and my brother researching tot flavours and quantities.

A mega tot does not require water because it makes the tots too floppy, and you do not want a floppy tot.

Simply microwave the 2 packs of jelly for 2 minutes, this will make 6 tots in total.

Pour your melted jelly, this is lime flavoured, into a mould. I used a mini yorkshire pudding tin to produce an accurate mega tot, you may choose to use any suitable mould that looks jelly tot shaped.

Leave the tots in the fridge to set for approximately 40 minutes. While my mega tots were setting, I (as a talented artist) created the mega tot packaging. I used felt tip pens, you may wish to use a scanner and printer.

To remove your tots from the moulds, use your fingers, but don’t lick them! Then coat your mega tots in lots of sugar, this is my hand doing that.

Leave your tots to encrustulate in a bowl of sugar for about 30 minutes, don’t eat them…………yet.

Here are the finished mega tots, We think they look brilliant!!!!!

This is us with our finished pimp. Please vote for our mega tots highly, we’d like that very much. Thank you.


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