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Giant Cookie

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We had a great gigle making the giant cookie. and the best thing was that it really did taste so yummy.

Sainsbury’s Sunflower Spread 1kg £1.09
Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar 1kg £0.75
Sainsbury’s Medium Free Range Eggs x6 £0.95
Supercook Vanilla Flavouring 38ml £0.32
Sainsbury flour £0.46
Sainsbury’s Scottish Porridge Oats 1kg £0.57
Supercook Chocolate Chips, Plain 100 £0.55
Estimated cost = £4.69

The making of the giant oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie.

Add the margarine and sugar together into a mixing bowl and mix together,

Mixi in the beaten egg and vanille flavouring

Now fold in the flour

Mix in the oats and chocolate chips

Now put mixture onto a circle baking tray with very greasy grease proof paper.

Put in the oven for 30mins until golden brown

Now eat and enjoy, best eaten worm, mmm yummy


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