The Mighty Rolo
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11. Put boiling water (Careful – It’s hot!!) into the core bowl and carefully twist until the bowl is removed, creating the core space.

12. Melt the Toffees in a glass bowl above a pan of simmering water, adding tiny amounts of water to aid viscosity. (It’s pretty tough at first, but loosens up later on.)

13. Pour into the toffee chasm and return to the freezer.

14. Melt remaining chocolate and place on top of the toffee and spread across, filling up the larger bowl. Freeze time baby!! 15. Once set place in a large bowl of boiling water (careful again – it’s still hot!!) and remove from larger bowl. 16. Engrave the Rolos trademark rings around the top of the Rolo.

17. ‘The Mighty Rolo’ is now complete!!! Amazing. Weighing in at approx. 21.35kg it is impossible to cut. Leave out of the fridge for 3days. The toffee then begins to ooze making it easier to slice. (Careful!! - I required medical attention after the knife slipped.)

‘The Mighty Rolo’ is beautiful melted down using an industrial blast furnace and poured onto ice cream. Please note do not take to the cinema for a film viewing snack. It gets messy. Also do not give any to your grandma. It may kill her (due to high calorie content) and plays havoc with false teeth. I fully enjoyed making and consuming ‘The Mighty Rolo’. This pimp was created 2months ago and I have only just got round to typing it up. I am now employed and looking to my next project! Please forgive me switching between tenses and other grammatical errors. Respect to all Pimps and Pimpers!!

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