The Bombay Behemoth
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The pot noodle is an icon in the snack world. Previous efforts to pimp this classic have been, frankly, pretty poor so I decided to set about creating the daddy of all noodle snacks. Inspired by the ‘bombay badboy’ pot noodle, ladies and gentlemen I give you…… The BOMBAY BEHEMOTH!!!

Ingredients; 1 bin, black card, 27 packets of noodles, Soya pieces (did you know there’s no real meat in a genuine pot noodle?), sweetcorn, peas, hot curry powder, cornflour and foil.

The original Bombay badboy is cannibalised into it’s constituent parts (not a lot there really!...)

To create an authentic, flexible, peelable lid, black card is cut out and backed with foil (honestly, I think I’ve flipped my lid)

The lid and label are scanned and printed in giant replica for use on the bin (If only Ikea and Staples knew what I was intending to do with the purchases I made from them earlier in the day!...)

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