The Amazing Toffee Crisp Circle
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So here we were stuck for something to do and very hungry... and as the creative people we are we thought PIMP THAT SNAKE.COM! we chose to remake the toffee crisp into a circle..
(mostly because we couldn't find a rectangle bowl) we wanted to make it even bigger and even more choc!

~chocolate 20 big bars
~rice krispies
~butter 3
~caster sugar
~icing sugar
~soft toffee 3 packs (I recommend 4)
~coco powder
~a toffee crisp

ok so 1st off
grab the sugar the butter and flour
200g of sugar
400g of butter
600g of flour
(add more or less and you see fit)

Mix ALL together 2 make a lot of gunk :P
Add the rice krispies
Melt 5 packs of choc
Then mix together :P

Put in a very large circle tin
Line with lots of butter and silver foil
(which yes...will get stuck 2 the bottom but just takes 10 mins 2 scrape off)

Then get the soft toffeeeee :p and melt it into a warm bubbling bowl of loveliness :P

Pour on top and leave in fridge over night :P

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