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Supersize Smore

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Haven’t heard of a smore? If you’re ever out on a camping trip with some biscuits and marshmallows, squash these two together in a sandwich and you have the perrrrfect delicacy!

So normal size smores are excellent, but what about a giant big daddy smore?! We couldn’t bear to watch the football (and indeed we did lose), so we (Bez and Loz) decided to find out.

Supersize Smore Ingredients:
400g of digestive biscuits (serious misjudgement = buying 1600g!)
4 packets of marshmallows
125g Anchor Butter
500g of Dairy milk (hopefully we won’t die of salmonella now)

Cost: £10.89

Step 1

Crush biscuits whilst taking sneaky peaks at the football. Great stress relief whilst watching those penalties…

Add butter and stirrrr….

Squash those Portuguese- I mean biscuits- into tins and shove in freezer TO DIE!! …Er, I mean, set.

Step 2

Melt yummy chocolate, consume (to ease football sorrow), oh and also add chocolate layer to biscuit and freeze again to make supersize chocolate digestives.
Try not to eat too much!

Step 3

Melting the Marshmallows (aka the War on sweets)

We decided to melt the marshmallows in a bowl on the hob.

This however took 25 minutes, glued our hands together and to several other appliances, so us being the impatient people that we are, decided to try the microwave the next time around… which only took 20 seconds. Typical!

So we spread the pink marshmallows on one side, and the white on the other. Sound simple? Think again.

Look at this super speed blurry action! Marshmallow sets darn quickly! Stick together, and prise open. Again, not so simple as it sounds.

Finally unearth monster from tins, to find it looking like some kind of saggy obese spaceship.

So after some more wrestling with the Smore, (forget supersize, try super sticky!) We finally manage to trim it down, and get a finished result! Hooray! Back to watch Dr Who.

Only one thing left.. the Taste Test!

And the proud new owners prepare to take a bite…
We Pronounce the Giant Smore… DELICIOUS!!

So try it, and enjoy!

Possible side effects may include slight jaw and belly ache. But it’s darn tasty! Pimp Complete.


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