Super Weiner
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Now you can begin to build the Super Wiener itself. Unwrap 10 slices of Cheese Slices/Singles and place them inside the bun.

Using the Hot Dog Picker-upper Tong take the sausages out of the pan one by one and place them inside your ‘Bun’ (I found it easier to layer the sausages by hand, although after the first eight I discovered it is better to drain the scalding hot brine from the pan to save burning your fingers). Remember to keep one of the 32 sausages back to use in the comparison of the ‘Super Wiener’ and the common or garden Hot Dog that you need to make as well!

Once the 31 sausages are in place, add the onion and place a zigzag of French’s Mustard across the top of the Hot Dog, add to this an alternate zigzag of tomato ketchup and place on a plate alongside a normal-sized Hot Dog and marvel at the difference.

And there you have it, a super-sized Hot Dog. I think you’ll agree, one worthy of the name ‘Super Wiener’!

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