Sultan's Delight
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After hearing about Pimp That Snack on Jo Whiley two student nurses decided to forego working towards saving lives by doing coursework, and instead began a journey to clog our arteries with the biggest Turkish Delight known to man. (inspiration was taken from the forum on the site---ta!)

A quick search of the internet yielded a Turkish Delight recipe….

Our ingredients were:
Cream of Tartar
Chocolate - 3 bars!
Lemon juice
Corn flour
Food colouring (we chose yellow to be extra pimpin’----gold ya know)

First of all we greased our receptacle with hazelnut oil… sunflower crap for our pimp!! Then wrapped in cling film, then greased again……

After combining most of a bag of sugar with water and lemon juice we boiled the mixture until the sugar was dissolved and it was hot enough to take off our skin…

Then we proceeded to make a male-bodily-fluid-like mixture which we can assure you was actually corn flour, cream of tartar and water.

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