Sultan's Delight
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The two substances, which looked and smelt like PVA glue, were mixed together and simmered till they were golden………….blingin’…………….

We then stirred in the rosewater and yet more gold was added to the mix via the addition of the food colouring……our hazelnut lined receptacle was then filled with the mixture. The most time consuming part now followed, we had to leave the Delight to set over night…… the end we had to leave and go to the pub as we were constantly checking to see if it had set….we were a lil excited…..sad lives….

This is where our technical failure occurred (perhaps we played with the camera upon returning from the pub? We’re not telling lol). Unfortunately we took many pictures of us covering the Delight with chocolate and our finished Turkish Delight but these were lost and by the time we realised our appetites had got the better of us, but you can still see our baby, albeit with a slice or two missing…..

Basically we covered the top of the Delight with chocolate whilst it was still in the tray, left to set in the fridge and then flipped the Delight out and covered the rest in melted chocolate and arranged it in a beautiful pattern as on the original Fry’s Turkish Delight.

As our pictures show, our creation is miles better (and brighter!) than the original and tastes pretty close to the original if a little softer.

Next time we shall put a bit more rosewater in the Delight, and make sure the camera works!!!

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