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Retro Wagon Wheel

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Yes, Wagon Wheels used to be a whole lot bigger and had two layers of jam
(if my memory serves me right). So forgot the stingy 2002 remake, make
yourselve a full size original.

1. Make some biscuit dough out of butter, sugar, plain flour, golden syrup
and an egg yolk and divide into two.

2. Roll em out and use a plate as a giant biscuit template.

3. Bake em.

4. Make a monster marshmallow from icing sugar, liquid glucose, gelatine
and egg white. Boil it, then whip it up til it’s like double cream, then
bung it in a suitable monster mallow mold (I found a well floured cake tin
works well) and refrigerate until it sets.

5. Make a chocci sauce and buy a jar of raspberry jam (no pips please).

6. Coat the underside of one biscuit and refrigerate for half an hour.

7. Assemble the components with care and precision: Biscuit 1 (chocci side
down) – Jam – Monster Mallow – Jam – Biscuit 2.

8. Render the whole thing in chocci sauce and refrigerate once more.

Approximate cost £10 if using decent butter and chocolate. It can be done
cheaper, but remember quality costs.


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