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Ingredients: one box of icing sugar, about 800g of cake covering (like chocolate, but dries quicker & shinier. Bonus), peppermint flavouring, & water. All for around £4.50. Bargain

Tip the icing sugar into a bowl… don’t breathe in at this point.

Add water SPARINGLY otherwise your mixture will end up too runny.

Now mix. As the mixture gets stiffer, this requires strength.
At some point, add peppermint flavouring to taste…

Now roll the mixture into an approximate poppet shape… And leave in the fridge to set.

MEANWHILE… Break the chocolate into small pieces… & melt…mmm… try to resist eating/drinking chocolate.

At this point it was decided that the pimppet was not poppet shaped, so it was carefully rammed into this bowl.

Its a messy job but someone has to do it.

The Pimppet then requires removal by force. Power tools optional.

Here it is on our kitchen table… seriously though, its pretty big, weighing in at about 3lb.

It may not look much like a poppet but we assure you it tastes like one =)


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