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Giant Caramel Hershey’s Kiss

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CHOCOLATE -10 bars of our favourite local brand
Sweetened condensed milk – 2 tins

After many weeks of planning – and hearing the scoffs of those unbelievers in our project…  we decided to create a giant Hershey’s Kiss – with caramel filling!  We got the inspiration from Mr. Colin’s mum…Ms. Clover!  So off we went for the mandatory collection of ingredients…no Tesco supermarket for us!  Only a little man in his small shop who after we bought all his chocolate was rather bemused! 

Step one – Boiling two cans of condensed milk for 3 hours in a saucepan, to give us that oh so wonderful caramel for the centre….yummy.  

Step two – melting all that chocolate.  The infamous double boiler and a little patience got us through, and we successfully managed to melt our first 3 blocks of chocolate.  We realised it might stick to the side and not get out, and since cutting the beautiful mould was not an option, we put grease around it…, then we poured the chocolate into our mould (aka Mr Colin’s mum’s plastic bowl).  Spreading the chocolate up the sides was quite the art… and so we finished stage one.   

Step 3 – We then came to the realisation that our outer shell would not be thick enough, and would probably collapse (eeeeek!) therefore, the characters of our story looked at each other with a twinkle in their eyes and said ‘we need to go and find more chocolate..’ so off we went to the market at the end of the street – in the pitch dark – and bought more chocolate (scary theatrical laugh inserted here).   By this stage we were sure the entire town we live in knows that there are two weird foreigners buying an awful lot of chocolate (we may have kept the economy afloat just from our chocolate purchasing)

Step 4 – We melted more chocolate and did our second layer around the shell – quite the professionals by now.

Step 5 – Sit down and watch a movie while waiting for that caramel to boil…

Step 6 – Melt more chocolate to make the top part of the kiss… and pour it into the cool funnel thing (with the mandatory grease) and put it into the freezer (even though Mr. Colin thought it would go cold in the wrong way….hmmm?).

Step 7 – THE CARAMEL IS EVENTUALLY READY!  And so we opened the tins, and poured it into a bowl to cool.  Sadly our caramel didn’t thicken enough, and in a moment of excitement we poured in icing sugar to help solve the problem, only problem was the sugar was lumpy and so we then had white lumps in our precious caramel.  But who can be bothered doing the whole thing again?? NOT US!  So caramel with white lumps it is.  We poured it into our shell and were very happy with the fact we were almost finished!

Step 8 – Almost finished the project…now we had to turn it out of the mold.  After banging, using a hairdryer and some wishful thinking, the main part of our kiss came out – much to our relief! 

All we had left to do was put the top on our base and we were finished!  Okay so by our own admission the top is a little out of proportion but we think it is a pretty impressive attempt!

And here you have it ladies and gentlemen…the giant caramel kiss… this baby weighs over 2kg and is full of sweetness that will make you sick! 

The cross section…alternatively known as the cave with caramel dripping down…

Sorry we do not have a caramel Hershey to compare it with – but we can’t buy those in the middle of the desert where we live (seriously we actually live in Central Asia so feel this whole feat needs extra pointage for location alone!) – and so have to do with the plain ones that someone brought us…..

Mr. Colin will consume for his birthday…Ms. Becky never wants to see caramel again…the end….


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