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Fattenburg 2

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For the last 10 years of my 13 year life I have eaten Battenberg cake whenever I could, so the choice of what to pimp was easy. Convincing my mum to buy the ingredients and help with the washing up was not so easy.

The ingredients were as follows:

1lb flour
1lb sugar
1lb stork
16 eggs
1 bottle of both red and yellow food colour (sent my dog hyper when she ate the cake)
2 box’s marzipan ( 1 for cake 1 for me)

Approx cost £11.00

Mixed half the ingredients with red colouring, (Whole bottle).

Baked for 1.5 hours, plenty of time to wash up the mixer for the yellow cake.

Cut each cake in half to give 2 squares of each colour.

Trimmed and formed large square.

Rolled out marzipan, fight of family from eating too much of the marzipan.

Rapped marzipan round cake and stood back to admire the result.


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