Pimpin' Liquid Gold Caramel
by for £7.50

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At this point I decided to do an obligitary comparison shot, as it was at this stage that my creation would look the most like it's tiny relative;

Of course here at Westcountry Coast Customs, we aren't gonna stop there. Our snack was by now certainly the biggest and most delicious, but it was still sadly lacking in the bling stakes. First, I created special custom - design using the glitter icing and silver balls;

Then, To add a final touch of decadance to ensure that mine really was the most smoking - hot daddy pimp of all snacks, I got all arty on your ass with a bingin' custom - graphic paint job on a specially made wrapper;

What's more, it tasted like heaven. The glorius combination of delicious Cadbury's chocolate and dreamy caramel sauce was just simply divine. I think you'll all agree that this snack is now the biggest, baddest, most blingin' snack on the block.

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