Original Curly Wurly
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We then melted 4 bars of chocolate in the microwave, giving it a quick stir every 30 seconds.

Once the chocolate had melted we poured it over the toffee curly wurley. We found that using a spoon and allowing the chocolate to run gave a more polished finish than using a spatula to “evenly” spread the chocolate.

Once the top coat of chocolate had set we melted the remaining 2 bars, again in the microwave. We then used a pastry brush to apply a thin layer of chocolate to the base of the curly wurly.

Once the chocolate had set a bit, (about 10 minutes later…) we had to print the pattern to the base of the curly wurly – PIMP PERFECTION!
To do this we used a fork to draw the horizontal lines and then a wooden BBQ Skewer to add the vertical lines.

Total length: 102cm

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