Munchie (almost)
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4 bars of Galaxy
2 bags toffee
Half a packet of rich tea
Half a packet of chocolate digestives
100g butter

1. The first step was to melt one of the chocolate bars for the base, using a pan of hot water under the bowl, which we then put in the container which was lined with foil.

2. While it was setting in the fridge, we crushed the biscuits using the blender

We then added to the butter, which we had melted in a pan.

3. The next step was moulding the biscuit filling. We've noticed that the biscuit in a Munchie is spherical, this shape could cause problems. We used a bowl for the initial shape of a ball, placing the mixture in cling film to retain it's shape.

To complete it, after we'd transferred all the mixture, we pulled the cling film over the top to tie it into a ball and put it in the fridge to set.

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