Monster Munchie
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Step 5 The Creation mk11
More time in the lab brought new ideas for bringing the monster to life
6) Hold the side sections in place using shot glasses

7) Pour in chocolate to create a sealed top, and seal the edges with chocolate

8) Chill
9) Pour in caramel (re-made with another 400gms of sugar and chilled in fridge)
10) Place a slab of chocolate on the caramel to support the base
11) Carefully pick up, turn over and place the biscuit base in the body
12) Fill every crack and space with chocolate to seal to munchie, try to hide scars and cracks.

13) When chilled turn over and add top details with a hot chopstick

After 2 nights of worrying and performing serious operations the monster was alive. An awesome sight.

Presenting my creation during a lightning storm the monster munchie became wild and in a bid to save the lives of my guests I was forced to kill the beast which we then devoured.

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