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Milky Way

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2500g of milk chocolate
45 Milky Ways

Step 1. Line a box/tin with greaseproof paper and add roughly 600grams of melted milk chocolate to the bottom! Leave to set in the fridge.

Step 2. Begin the tedious task of peeling the chocolate of off 45 milky ways! This took about an hour! Make sure to wash hands with cold water every few minutes to help stop the chocolate/milky way fluff stuff from melting!

Step 3. Once the chocolate has set remove from fridge and push all of the fluffy milky way stuff into the mold.

Step 4. We were planning to melt all of the chocolate that we had picked off the Milky Ways and cover the pimped milky way with that, but, it didn’t really work out very well! A lot of the chocolate still had bits of fluffy stuff on and it kinds of just ended up as a big chunky mess! Nonetheless we didn’t want to waste anything so we covered the fluff in that!

Step 5. Melt rest of chocolate and cover the pimped up milky way!!

Step 6. Leave to set and ENJOY!!

The damage? 5712 CALORIES!!!


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