Midi Chocolate Football
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This was supposed to be a celebration for England winning the World Cup, instead it is a homage to the boys who were cheated again.

For this you will need

2x 200g Chocolate @ 48p each (98p)
1x Mini Football @ 99p (For the mold,Any Pattern Will do)
1x Packet of Mini Footballs @ 30p (For Tasting and comparison)

Total cost £2.27

Right first up you need to take your ball and cut a hole not to big, then break up two bars of the chocolate into a bowl, now for the melting I opted for the more modern method of nuking it for a minute (Note the wearing of a PIMP THAT SNACK T-shirt)

Next beat it in the bowl to make sure sure all of that chocolate is melted (Note the T-shirt), now you need to pour the melted chocolate into your ball first problem was what to put the ball in to stop it rolling away, the solution a measuring cup (God bless the Americans and there daft way of measuring stuff). Second problem was the funnel was to small, discard this and use a bigger one.

That's better. Pour it all in until full, now put it in the freezer for a couple of hours (Note the T-Shirt again).

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