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The Creme de la Creme Egg

After deciding to get pimping it took us about five seconds to plump for a Cadburys Creme Egg. We decided not to let the...

Monster Jammie Dodger

Picture the scene. It's Easter Saturday. It's grey and grim outside, I've just introduced my girlfriend to, and in a moment of inspired...

Mega Tots

Hello, I'm Oliver I'm 9 and I thought I would have a go at pimping jelly tots as they are my favourite jelly...

Party Ring 3

A friend, who's motto is, 'you can't have a party without party rings',  was having a birthday party at the weekend. so what...

Custard Cream Dream

A colleague from work had been raving about for days which resulted in him and his friends creating the Colossus Cola Bottle....


We’ve been dying to do our pimping thing, so what better opportunity than a Bank Holiday Sunday! What to make? – easy, we all...

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