Mega Munchie
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5 large bars of chocolate
3 bags of werthers toffees
Square tin
Munchies for comparision.

To begin put approximatly 2/3rds of the biscuits into a bag and use a rolling pin in a violent manner to crush. You may use a food processor or 'blender' for this, but I find after a hard day at work this method is easiest. Note - don't bash to hard else the bag splits open and biscuit cascades all over the kitchen!

Once the biscuits are battered add some melted butter ( I found this in the fridge which is why tis not on the list of ingredients, I just stole it) to bond it all together into a sticky mess. As you can see my biscuits weren't very well bashed up, but I was in a hurry, I was hungry.

The biscuit goo is then pressed into a shallow round tin and refridgerated until set solid into one gi-normous biscuit. I used foil to line the tin as its easy to peel off.

I also lined the square tin and a small bowl with foil, mainly cos I like shiny things, but again because its easy to peel off set chocolate. I put the bowl into the tin in order to create an indent for the sides of the munchie.

I then melted the chocolate (in the microwave, sorry!) and poured it in round the bowl. This is where things started to go wrong. I put it in the fridge to set but then realised there would be no chocolate under the bowl and so a huge hole in the top would be created. I painiced and removed the bowl, remelted the chocolate and put it back in the tin without bowl. On reflection I think you should put the choc in, then press the bowl in on top to create walls.

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