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Mega Animal Biscuits

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How to make giant animal biscuits:

Main ingredients, fat, sugar, flour and chocolate, who could go wrong? Approximate cost £7.

Blend fat and sugar.

Add flour, a bit of cocoa, vanilla and a couple of eggs (we also added glucose syrup for extra sugary yumminess).

Mix up to make a tough dough.

Shape it to look like your animal of preference. We chose lion (pictured), elephant, monkey and hippo. Implements such as spoons, forks and anything you can find in the kitchen are useful at this point for the details.

Bake in the oven until browned. Remove from tray to cool. Smother with generous amount of chocolate on flat side.

We used a cooling wrack to create the criss cross pattern on the back.

Leave to dry, or if you are impatient and hungry like us then pop them in to the fridge or freezer to get the chocolate to set quickly.


Ratio 1:250

We calculated that there are enough calories in one of these bad boys for a whole day’s worth of food!


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