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300g Plain flour (500g for 27p = about 15p)
200g butter (500g for £1.36 = about 75p)
200g cheap mature cheese (500g for £1.93 = about 85p)
2 eggs (6 for 94p = about 32p)
pinch of salt and pepper
Mini cheddars multipack for comparison – £1.15 (eagle eyed pimpers will notice these are Branston Pickle flavoured, which is pretty pimped in itself. Well done McVities.)

Total cost = about £2 (but it made 2 big cheddars, a potato head, and 6 stars!!)

Have to be fair, I got this recipe from this link – and doubled it, which turned out to be unnecessary.

1. This was a very easy but effective recipe. To be honest, I didn’t follow it to the letter, but it turned out okay anyway. Using my trusty food processor, I put in everything except the cheese, mixed together, and then grated the cheese into it using the attachment. It took about 5 minutes.

2. After looking at the actual cheddars, I realised they are perfectly round, and I don’t have a cookie cutter big enough (surprisingly). Instead, I decided to bake the biscuit in a flan tin, using the base of the tin as a template to cut out the pastry.

3. I was pretty chuffed at this point, and was fully confident the cheddar would be perfectly round. To celebrate, I put in the little prick holes, spelling out ‘Pimp That Snack’. It’s not very clear, but honestly, it was there.

4. For a nice colour, I brushed it with some beaten egg a well. Please note novelty pastry brush from sister-in-law.

5. As the oven was already pre-heated (from the fancy) the cheddar went straight in for about 15 minutes.

6. Once out the oven, I realised what all pastry chefs would already know; pastry shrinks when cooked. Now the cheddar was not only smaller, it was also not perfectly round. Oh well.

7. With the leftover pastry, I baked a bigger cheddar, which turned out worse, even though it as bigger, and to be fair to Walkers, I also fashioned a Potato Head, based on my memory of this inferior snack. There’s no comparison shot with a real Potato Head, but it looked pretty much as I remembered it.

8. Still with leftover pastry, I wondered what else I could possibly make. Remembering the Magic Stars previously pimped, I made cheddar stars with a Christmas cookie cutter. Aww.

9. So, there we have it. The taste was pretty much the same, and it was Maxi, but I was still a bit disappointed with the unclear lettering. Oh well, at least there’s another savoury pimp to malign.


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