Licorice Allsorts
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Allsorts for colour comparison and dissection purposes
2 packets fondant icing (£1.50ish per pack)
3 bags liquorice twists (searched for panda bars which would have provided liquorice in flat straight formation but sadly couldn’t find any)
Red, Yellow and Blue food colouring
Box of Icing sugar (£94p but could have bought much smaller box)
The pink bags in the photo are bags of desiccated coconut, which were not used in the end.

Estimated cost: extremely estimated due to loosing the receipt…about £8.50

1. Lay out ingredients. Marvel beauty of untouched individual elements.

2. Open pre-purchased allsorts and examine and scrutinize with great precision. Consume a few for research purposes.

3. Use red and yellow food colourings to create pink and yellow icings respectively by mashing appropriate amounts into fondant icing. Use pre-purchased allsort for colour chart type comparison.

4. Attempt to create brown icing by adding red yellow and blue food colourings. Create weird grayish pink colour, re-examine colour mixing knowledge you were taught in art GCSE, persevere, and eventually reach a vaguely pale brown colour (which will later be used as “padding” due to not making enough yellow)

5. Time to melt the liquorice sticks. With carefree abandonment chuck sticks into glass bowl above boiling pan of water, in naïve belief that they will melt in similar style to chocolate. 20 minutes later begin to panic as sticks start to mold themselves to bowl.

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