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The mixture shouldn't really look like this...

we did it a bit odd and it went a bit crumbly and wouldn't stick together that well.

We made some smaller pimped things before making the pimped daddy, a gingerbread man shaped into the form of Franski's boss, a love-heart for pimping comparison and a well.. lebcocken.

When we have purchased lebkuchen in the past it has been shaped in stars, hearts, moons, rocking horses and bells. We went for the simple heart shaped.

Although now, I wish we had done a rocking horse...

Now then, it says on the recipe that you have to leave the cookies in for 10-12 minutes, but I checked it several times and it wasn't done until after 25 minutes.

While that was being cooked we made the icing. We made it far far too runny though, it didn't really matter because the icing on lebkuchen is usually very thin anyway.

pop it in the fridge for.... a while...

Et voila! One scrumptious Christmas snack!

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