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KitKat Chunky

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1) Ingredients:
10 x 250g dairy milk
2 x packet of pink wafers

2) Melt 2 packs of chocolate.

3) Put the chocolate into the grease-proof paper lined mould that you shold have had enough initiative to make without being told to, we shouldnt need to baby feed you. Place on the first layer of pink wafers, and leave to set in a fridge. If you’re inpatient use a freezer.

4) Lick out the bowl/saucepan.

5) Repeat steps 2-4 for as many layers as you want. But REMEMBER to finish with a layer of chocolate.

6) Once the Chocolate is hard, eat and enjoy!

BUT REMEMBER, LEAVING IT IN THE FRIDGE OVER NIGHT DOES HAVE ITS CONSEQUENCES. Choose your weapon carefully, we used the hammer and chisel.

Dimensions: 25cm, 14cm, 7cm.
Weight 2.5kg


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