Kinder Happy Hippo
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Henrietta the Huge Happy Hippo

When I decided on this pimp, I realised it had been discussed in the forums, so sorry if i nicked anyones idea.


Started out with: 5 packets of icecream wafers
1 pack of butter
caster sugar
granulated sugar
vanilla extract
cocoa powder
white chocolate
whipping cream

Also had to use the following as it didnt quite go to plan!!honeymore buttereven more butteroats (when we ran out of wafers)golden syrup

Approx cost: originally £6. probably nearer £8 with the added extras

First we had to crush the wafers and mix with the sugar and melted butter. This took way more butter than therecipe said though:(. One of the bowls had a tin-foil mould in it to make the hippos head, but the other 2 were just standard mixing bowls.we coated all three to make the hippos humps and head and baked for half an hour.Once out the oven disaster struck.....not thick enough to stand on their own. My BF had the idea of raiding cupboards and then with oats, golden syrup and even more butter we made a flapjack mix. This strengthened the shells so now much less wafery and more flapjacky!! Never mind tho!! Back into the oven to harden.

They sat in the fridge overnight before the filling was created. The cocoa, cornflour and sugar had to be mixed in a saucepanwith the milk and cooked on medium until it thickened. Then even more butter was added and some vanilla essence.The mousse was poured into the shells and put back into the fridge to set for about 4 hours.

Next the cream was whipped with extra sugar to make it taste yummy!

This was put ontop of the mousse in the shells. Then came another tricky bit.........turning them out! Each bowl was coveredwith tin foil and turned onto that, then we could lift them into place on the tray.

A bit more flapjack was made to kinda cover the joins of the hippo so he looked slightly less like a hmmptyback camel!!

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