Kinder Happy Hippo
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Now all that remained to do was decorate him! We drizzeled honey from halfway down to the bottom of each hump and then pressed on the grated chocolate. A tail, nostrils and eyebrows were painted on with black food colouring and the eyes weremade from 2 pieces of white chocolate with black food colouring pupils!.Et hippo!!Here he is with his little bro riding on his back! Unfortunately we didnt measure or weigh him, but i think its clear to see the comparison!!

Now, Unfortunately I based my pimp on the cocoa creme happy hippo, but when I came to buy them I couldnt find one ANYWHERE, so we used a hazelnut one to base him on. The inside is different, so i found a pic on the net to proove it ;). Herehe is cut open for a comparison shot!

(OK, hes a combination of both!)

We estimate he probably has about 1000,000,000,000,000 calories due to all the sugar and butter, but he tastes yummy and was fun so all is good. Dont know how he will have effected me for my weigh-in tonight.........!! he he!

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