Juggernaut Yorkie
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Stage Four: After allowing everything to cool so that we don’t over-heat the fridge we transfer our masterpiece in progress into the fridge and head out for a couple of hours.

Stage Five: A quick look in the fridge and several cups of tea to prepare ourselves for the grand unveiling………

Stage Six: After hitting the moulds a few times we have the building blocks for our juggernaut Yorkie.

Stage Seven: Building and blinging up our Yorkie ! Melted chocolate cements the parts together and that gold paint adds the finishing touches to both our juggernaut Yorkie and the original Yorkie chunk that somehow survived our testing process.

Our juggernaut Yorkie weighs in at 2000g passes its MOT and is ready to hit the road. We’ve pimped up the original by over 29 times and with blingtastic new branding it can definitely keep on trucking…

Stage Eight: The testing process begins…to be honest we feel a bit sick now

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