Gourmet Giganta Burger
by for £13.00

Burgers have been pimped in the past and will be in the future.  Our motivation for this project was not size of calorific content, but presentation, quality and structural integrity.  Price was no object as I had recently found £5 in my coat that I didn't realise was there.  Any way, for this delectation we used:

For the meat bit a.k.a. patty,
1kg Premium Scotch Beef Mince
65g Blue Stilton
1 Free-range Organic Egg
1 Slice wholemeal bread (crumbed)

2 Greggs’ Stottie Cakes (a big, flat bread bun for non-northerners)
1 pack (12 rashers) Smoked Streaky Bacon
3 Potato Waffles
4 Slices Red Leicester
9 Breaded Onion Rings
Iceberg Lettuce
1 Salad Tomato
Red Onions Slices
2 Gherkins
1 Tbl.Sp. Mayonnaise

4 Chocolate Eclairs for Dessert…..we thought we might still be hungry.  We weren’t.

First we made the patty; mixing all the ingredients together in a soon-to-be fat covered bowl.....

…. flattened & cooked the patty in a frying pan, inserting yummy Stilton pockets.... 

Secondly, the bacon was woven into an awesome lattice by master bacon weavers with skills second to none....and cooked – obviously.

Thirdidly…?  We started burger construction, carefully positioning waffles over onion & lettuce which was in turn adhered to the toasted stottie utilizing mayonnaise as glue.

Fourthith...Nextly, we did place the burger and cheese on top and grilled forthwith……<insert arty photo>

Penultimately, the tomatoes and bacon lattice got in the mix, followed by smug self-congratulation on the structural soundness of the snack.

Finally we added onion rings and adhered the gherkins onto the stottie with ketchup....

….even more finally, we put it all together and did enjoy.

The 'enjoyment'.

Stats (approx.)



RDA (for a bloke)


4763.4 kCal (~6500 inc stottie)








Saturated Fat






Rated 87.96 /100 - 50 votes (4.4/5)

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