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The Lemon Wedge

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8 eggs
400g Butter
500g Flour
400g Caster Sugar
8 tsp Lemon Juice
Rinds of 5 Lemons (Don’t cut your fingers on the grater like I did!)
1 Pack of ready to roll icing
Yellow Writing icing

Butter icing

75g Butter
Plenty of icing sugar
Lemon juice


First make the cake recipie by adding all the above ingredients (if the mixture is too watery, add a TOUCH more flour, no one likes a dry cake)

Pour the mixture into a wide, well greased pan and cook for 30 mins.

Once cooked, we shaped the cake by taking off the edges and finally cut it in half and stacked the two sections giving it the classic (Though some what more epic) shape

Don’t forget put the butter icing between the layers so they stay together

Roll out the icing and cut to shape and place on top of the cake, a touch of butter icing on the top the the cake will keep the icing in place

Finish off by drawing the pattern on top with the yellow writing icing!

The cake allowed us to get full of energy due to the sugar contact, hopefully it will bring you as much joy!


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