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6.5-7.5 KG’s milk chocolate
3-500 Grams Nougat
A BIG freezer/fridge

Step 1:

Acquire all of the above items at one or various places, we had to go with various, although my hangover would have much prefered just the one

Step 2:

You need to construct however many triangle moulds as you want to use. We made 9, you may want more you may want less. You may want to make them bigger you may want to make them smaller, We made them at about 3-4 Inch equilateral’s. First construct the Triangle using card and tape, then cover it in foil and VOILA you got this step done.

As a side note you be interested to know that it took ages and it was pretty boring.

Step 3:

Avoid ridicule from bemused parents/siblings at why you and your mate are creating a massive Toblerone. One this tricky step is completed once on to step 4

Step 4: Break the chocolate up (do it whilst it’s still wrapped up, it’s a truck load easier and less messy), Break the Nougat up, Using a hammer is optional, use whatever you want. Get your creativity on. Once you have done this proceed to melt your chocolate (not all at once, some common sense is required, we did it about 600 grams at a time)

Step 5: pour around about 500-600 Grams of melted chocolate along with some nougat into the moulds. It’ll look awesome.

Then whack it in a freezer to speed along the setting progress. You’ll need plenty of room as there’ll be around 9 bits to fit in.

Step 6: When the pieces have set remove from the fridge/freezer/ Marvel at their awesomeness, then prepare yourself to be again quite tried for patients as you pick all the bits of tin foil off of the individual segments. This again may seem tedious but the reward is well worth the labour.

At this point you may want to debate, as we did, on whether or not to attend the regular pub quiz. We ended up being too late to participate. Stupid Epic Size chocolate bar.

Step 7: When you’ve removed all the foil place in a big trough. Like the picture shows, you need to line it with foil and put the 2 pieces of card in at an angle so the base sets at the same angle as the triangles. At this point when we only purchased 6 Kilos of chocolate we ran out. Bad times. This was remedied the next day. Anyway, back to the point, once you’ve arranged the triangles in your foil lined trough then put the angled sides in start melting around 400 grams of chocolate to the fill in the gaps between each part with. Once down, place the entire thing in the fridge/freezer again. Now do something to occupy yourself.

Step 8: Once set proceed to remove from the trough and pick the foil off, an BAM, you’ve just been Toblerowned. You now have the monumental tasking of eating this thing. I recommend a hammer/chisel combo. However the vertical knife/hand combo works just as well. We split it in 2. For me having a large family helped greatly in dusting this off pretty sharpish.


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