Giant Freddo
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Take one long boring saturday of studying (obviously 3 days before my first exam) and a desire to create a masterpiece, combine them together and this is what happened......

so, 4pm i decide to make a giant freddo, inspired by my procrastinating fuelled flicks through the gallery. I was aware that i only had 2 hours to do this in, as i was goint to my mate Bob's at 6, and was gonna give him this for his birthday present.

I sketched the frog onto greaseproof paper, then used my daughter's modelling clay (i will replace it, honest!) to create the outline, and detail. sorted!

Now i had to phone my boyfriend, and demand an instant 'but its an emergency' lift to tescos, dragging him from his busy schedule of man stuff, which he kindly obliged. I went through tescos and emerged with 20 bars of cheap chocolate, and a birthday card. Yes, i got some funny looks!

back home, right, freddo mould............ ah. its a bit floppy to pour hot chocolate into and i DONT have time for it to 'air harden' in my short and admittedly slightly ambitious timescale!

out came the hairdryer..... it worked fine! dries the inside of the 'mould' and it was tough enough to take the chocolate.

meanwhile, i burnt the first 3 bars of cheap ass tesco value chocolate in the microwave, as i was too busy blowdrying mister freddo. this obviously then had to be sat at the side and sporadically munched on as the process continued.

I then used the 'bain marie' method, whilst (at a reduced temperature this time) microwaving more chocolate, and got heaps of gloopy yummy gooey chocolate.

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