Giant Chocolate Digestive Biscuit
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First of all, we gathered together the ingredients. You may notice that we don’t actually have pictures of each of the separate stages, but we later found out that the camera we had used didn’t have any means of plugging into the computer- so we basically had all the shots on camera but no means of getting them to pimp my snack. Although, all was not lost. Our Dad became interested in the pimp halfway through, so he took photos of the later stages on his camera.

So anyway. We basically had for the ingredients

1x very large pack of digestive biscuits
Box of icing sugar
Little bit of margarine
‘Treat’ maple syrup
Some water
And one large bar of Galaxy chocolate.

TOTAL COST: about £3.00 total as most ingredients were in our cupboard!

The first part of the pimp was spent laboriously breaking up the biscuits- we did this the conventional rolling -pin- and -bag method. Once they were crushed, we emptied them into the largest mixing bowl we could find. (We found out once the pimp was finished, that crushing the biscuits ‘roughly’ led to a more interesting final texture).

This was the tricky part. How to get the mixture to ‘stick’ together? The first idea was golden syrup, but since there was none in the cupboard (and we were not in the mood for a return trip to the shops) we improvised. The first idea was margarine. This would have worked, but it would have been fatty, greasy, and probably not very appetising. We added a bit anyway (not much) just for added ‘moistness’. Or something.

Next attempt was the box of icing sugar in the cupboard, so we mixed up some of that and threw it in. It worked pretty well! Then we ran out. Back to cupboards we went. Next it was some ‘treat’ maple syrup- and I have to say- this tastes very like the real thing, and it’s cheap. After a large dose of that, the mixture rolled into a sticky ball easily.

This was where the first real problem hit. We didn’t have a big enough baking tin for the monster. And there was no way we would ever have been able to roll it out. Way too sticky. So instead of making a massive flat digestive, we decided to make a massive thick one, almost like a digestive ‘cake’ if you will. At this point we had altered the recipe so much I was beginning to wonder what would greet us when we opened the oven door after cooking this thing.

But it was GOOD! Not only did it look edible, but also it looked great! We had to wait aggggeeesss for the cake/biscuit/monster to cool, before we could give it it’s chocolate topping.

About 2 hours later, we melted the chocolate using the micro- method. Since we only needed one large bar, we decided to splash out and get the best chocolate money could buy. Well, galaxy chocolate. Which is pretty nice. The microwave method worked well- so a note to all pimpers: Galaxy + Microwave = Easily melted chocolate!

After that we started to spread it on the beast. Oh yeah- one large bar of galaxy gives you quite a decently thick topping. A bit of crafty work with the palette knife for the pattern on top, and it was finished!

Okay so we improvised a bit with the normal sized digestive… we had no chocolate ones!

Final verdict: Looks good, tastes amazing! Really, all that sugar in the forms of icing, chocolate, and syrup made the biscuity bit soft, sweet and sticky- if your going to re-create this then our recipe tastes great!

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