Giant Bounty
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On the theme of giganticising our pimps, I have today pimped a Giant Bounty.

The shopping list:

6 x 200g Tesco's Smooth Chocolate: £3.00
250g Tesco's Desiccated Coconut £0.62
2 Eggs, about £0.40
A little bit of sugar: £0.01
A Bounty bar for inspiration: £0.38

The first stage was to melt two bars of chocolate, and create a base. We're familiar with this practice now so I won't bore you with extensive pictures and details, suffice to say a nice chocolatey base was laid and set in the fridge.

The preparation of the coconut was more interesting. Whisk two eggs until light and fluffy, and add copious amounts of coconut and sugar to the mixture. This lets us bind the coconut together in a traditional manner. Then, because its never good to eat raw egg, this mix was placed in the oven for about 5 minutes on high heat.

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