Giant Bounty
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Anyway, return home and remove from container:

What's this I see on top? Could it be.... textual indentation? Yes indeed, what I failed to mention earlier was that I carefully cut out the words 'Pimp My Bounty' in cardboard, and carefully laid it on the bottom of the original base. When the chocolate set, I mearly peeled off the letters and boom! instant branding. This didn't go *quite* as planned ('pimp' is a little distorted), but I'm very pleased for a first try.

Compared to a normal Bounty, this bastard is big:

And finally, the cross-section. Note the coconut has a yellowy colour (proper 'bling) because of the egg yolk. If you wish to retain the usual white colour, you can strain the yolk and just use the egg-white.

This, is going to take me about a month to eat. It's one big bastard of a Bounty :)

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