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Giant Bounty

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5 x 200g bars of Milk Chocolate @ £2.30 for 2 = £5.75
4 x 397g tins of Condensed Milk @ £1.00 each = £4.00
1 x 1kg packet of Icing Sugar @ £1.48 = £1.48
6 x 200g packets of dessicated coconut @£1.30 each =£7.80
1 x regular Bounty for research purposes @£ 0.52 = £0.52

Total cost:  £19.55 (Oh my word, wish I hadn’t worked that out, thank goodness it was a birthday present!)

First of all I made a mould out of cardboard because I play with cardboard for a living so it meant I could satisfy my slightly obsessive need for things to be accurate! The size was 6x the length, width and depth.

Mix together the condensed milk, coconut and icing sugar until well-combined. I did this in about 4 batches because I don’t have a big enough bowl and it’s actually quite hard work stirring it if there’s too much as it’s very sticky stuff! (Just in case you don’t have a mathematical brain, that equals 1 tin of condensed milk, 250g of icing sugar and 300g dessicated coconut per batch.)

Tip gooey mix into the mould and spread out evenly.

Melt 2 x 200g bars of chocolate in a bowl of water over a pan of hot water (or use whatever method of chocolate melting you feel comfortable with). Spread over the top of the coconut mix.

Pop into the fridge to set. I left it overnight because it was late and I needed to sleep and it does need to be set solid.

Remove the bar from the mould and turn it over so the chocolate is now the base. Be careful as it ways a tonne! (Well actually it weighs about 4kg, depending on how much of the mix you ate while you were making it!)

Melt the remaining 3 bars of chocolate and leave to cool slightly so that it thickens up a little. Spread over the coconut bar. If you’re a little sad like me and would like to match the pattern on the top this can be done using a spatula or similar, just be creative. It works better once the chocolate has cooled a bit so may be best to come back to it in about 10 minutes. Leave to set in the fridge.

The end result was very solid and heavy and all my friends loved it! I am trying to work out a way of making the coconut filling a bit lighter and fluffier to match the real thing but it was a winner either way!


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