Fun Jelly Surprise
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Pages: 1   2's a funny thing, we all enjoyed it as children with ice cream or maybe if your parents were rich with apple pie. But after a certain age a sort of stigma surrounds anyone eating it over the age of 20. This is why I decided to make it fun again with a few simple and cheap extras. I got so carried away I made two varieties.

First: A jelly filled wine glass...with surprises.
We start with the blackcurrent flavour stiring all cubes with hot and cold water as instucted by the pack.

Next it was time to add something special to the now fully dissolved gelatin...hundreds and thousands!..or the less exciting name...sugar strands.

Now it was time to add the surprise that was to be hidden in the desert. Jaffa cakes! one for now that would sit on a layer of tinned fruit that had been sitting in my cupboard since x-mas.

Now for a healthy layer of jelly on top and another jaffa cake.

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