Flattenburg 2.0
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A few nips, tucks and judicial insertions of the cut off Marzi, and I'm there - well, here, with a finished product, not looking quite as smooth and swooshy as I had dreamt it, but certainly looking more than edible.

Folded cake

One judicious flip later and...

All done

The pink even looks more battenburgy when it's all wrapped up with the yellow and the marzi.

For pure statistics, here's a size picture. Scale picture

20 centimetres long, a good six or seven centimetres longer than Asda's battenburgs, even when they've a 40% extra free offer on them.

So - a pimp completed, a story told, and a hopefully a good cake eating session instead of doing any work tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Soph!

Pimp dedicated to hard-working DSM Sophie Acreman.

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