Fistful of Fudge
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Step Five: The turn-out. The loaf tin is removed from the freezer and breaths are held as it is coaxed from the mould and flipped upside down onto the base.

Step Six: Get your coat! The bar is propped up onto a couple of standard fudges (they've got to be useful for something) in order to raise it up for chocolate coating purposes. A layer of molten chocolate is poured over and then carefully spread so as to completely coat the fudge bar. As it cools texture is applied by drizzling a thin stream of chocolate over the top. Back in the freezer for the final cooling period.

Step Seven: Kapow! Ever been hit in the face with a log sized chunk of fudge? You have now! All that remains is to cut an end off and inspect it's fudgy interior…

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